Even with the best of manufacturing equipment it is necessary to verify conformance to specifications for the job at hand with inspection equipment that must comprise greater degrees of precision and accuracy.

But equipment alone does not guarantee a quality product.

We are proud to point out that our Quality Assurance program, inspection systems and entire operation has surpassed the scrutiny of our customer's audits and been approved to comply with MIL-STD 45208, MIL-STD 45662 and their own standards.

And our Quality department has always been eager to cooperate with customers particularly in providing Statistical Process Control documentation in whatever  forms the customer wish to utilize.

ZEISS C400 DCC CMM model 1532-12 wuth USOFT software capable of evaluating and logging statistical data.

MITUTOYO SUPER MICROMETER 0-4" with variable resolutions to .000005".

FEDERAL D5000 air gauging systems (5). Resolution of .00002" with assorted probes and setting rings.

SUNNEN BORE GAGES (2) .280" - 3.000" range. Resolution of .00005".

NIKON V-16 COMPARATOR/SHADOWGRAPH 16" viewing screen. Magnification of 10x, 20x, 100x.

BORE GAGES various make to 8" diameter with .0001" increments.

FEDERAL POCKET SURF III profilometer for measuring surface roughness.

MICROMETERS - Outside to 12", Thread pitch (5 - 82 TPI) to 3", Depth Mics, Blade misc, Spline misc, Pressure misc and other specials.

THREAD PITCH GAGES - Plugs: common sizes 0-80 to 1" and larger specials. Rings: 8-32 to 2" assorted sizes.

PIN GAGE SETS (3) .011 to 1.00 in .001 increments and assorted Deltronics pin gages in .0001" increments.

DIAL CALIPERS (4) 6" & 12".

SURFACE PLATES - Brown & Sharpe 24" x 36" inspection grade, 3' x 5' grade A, (4) 18" x 24" for inspections at the machines.

SURFACE PLATE ACCESSOORIES - Mitutoyo and Brown & Sharpe gage block sets, 18" height gage w/digital readout, B&S 18" transfer stand w/electronic readout, and angle plate, (2) sine plates, matched V-block sets, leveling jacks and dial test indicators with .0005" or .00005" increments.